Fundraising Team

Scribble Me Silly is looking for community members to participate on the fundraising committee. We are seeking up to 5 committee members.

The committee members will be responsible for developing and implementing a strategic fundraising plan to raise funds in Canada.  We are looking for community leaders with experience in relationship building and track record in fundraising.  We are seeking community members who are highly motivated professionals who can grow our fundraising opportunities.

The Committee members will:

  • Identify capital raising activities 
  • Seek out potential donors 
  • Develop marketing content and materials
  • Promote events 
  • Coordinate community events 
  • Collaborate with community to develop partnership for fundraising activities
  • Identifies ways to increase fundraising opportunities
  • Develop donor lists and tracking processes



  • Experience and expertise with fundraising activities
  • Ability to motivate volunteers and donors
  • Strong organizational and planning skills