Scribble Me Silly is a not-for-profit organization committed to empowering children living in family shelters through the vehicle of art.  We bring together local artists and volunteers to create an unforgettable creative experience for the kids.

Our Vision

Creativity lives in all of us. Childhood should be a time of discovering the power of self-expression and planting the seeds of creativity to grow for a lifetime.

Our Mission
To provide customized arts programming that connects young people with artists. To inspire self-expression by offering a variety of creative outlets in a positive, supportive and fun environment.

Our Core Value 
FUN is the core value of SMS. We believe in creating a fun environment for the children and youth in our programs, as well as the artists and volunteers. We strive to foster a comfortable space for self-expression.

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Scribble Me Silly is always on the lookout for talent. We welcome artists from all backgrounds. If our mission inspires you, visit our Guest Artist section.

Donate today to help children express their creativity. Our workshops are funded through donations and grants.

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