Volunteer Spotlight

Sherry Rampersaud

Sherry is an amazing Life Coach extraordinaire. She’s resilient, refreshing and positive, and  leaves a lasting impression on every individual she meets. We are so proud to have her as one of our most dedicated SMS Volunteers. How did you get involved with SMS? I got in involved with SMS because I was honoured to be part of a cause that […]


Tasia Babool

I got involved with SMS because i know that having the tools and skills to over come hardships are crucial for positive change. Growing up with a sister in single family household, the options were limited making the journey to move forward, often one that was  stressful and hard. Being a part of a team, therefore,  that has such passion […]


Kevin Miles Wilson

Briefly tell us about yourself. I am a 27 year old Singer/Songwriter from Aurora, ON. I have a background in theatre and comedy and love performing and creating. How did you get involved with SMS? My friend Trisha got me involved and have been hooked ever since! What do you contribute to SMS? I feel that My goofyness and immaturity […]


Andy Schmidt

Briefly tell us about yourself. My name is Andy and I am a full time artist, musician, and recently graduated with a university degree in photography.   How did you get involved with SMS? Trisha Smith approached me last year to host a painting lesson, which I enthusiastically accepted and have done others since.   What do you contribute to […]


Lucas Marchand

Briefly tell us about yourself. I’m a professional a cappella singer originally from Victoria, BC. I sing tenor with the 3 time juno nominated group Cadence (, a vocal band where we use our voices to make all of the instrument sounds. Cadence tours extensively across North America, Europe, and Asia but we also perform regularly in schools in the […]


Shah Emily Noaman

What do you contribute to SMS? As a jewellery designer I have the privilege of sharing my art with the youth and their mothers as a volunteer with Scribble Me Silly.  I am able to demonstrate that hobbies can turn into dreams…that come true. Then we get busy having fun and making different types of accessories. How did you get […]