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National Volunteer Week – Thank You!


This week is National Volunteer Week and Scribble Me Silly wants to take a moment to thank our wonderful Scribble volunteers. Without this amazing, dedicated and talented group of artists and individuals, we would not be where we are today. Sending out a huge thank you to everyone who has ever made a difference in the life of a child through their work with us.

The most amazing team of Volunteers tonight at SMS! Thanks to Bernard (aka Trisha), Robyn, Brooke, Caitlin, Toni and Shawn for writing amazing songs with the SMS Kids today!

some inspiration

The other day a friend of Scribble Me Silly’s friends posted this to her Facebook page. It touched us and so deeply that we’ve asked if we could use this on our own blog. We hope that this gives you a better understanding of why we do what we do and how important our work… Continue Reading

Little Diva Fashionistas

Scribble Me Silly is up to something new this time and that is a FUN and FANTASTIC workshop dedicated to little fashionistas!! Yippie!!! During our last 8- week series at Dr.Roz’s Healing Place, we noticed that what came up during the Dream Board Exercise was that many of the girls had aspirations to work &… Continue Reading

Honorary Team Members: Darc Productions

For those of you who don’t know, the boys at Darc Productions, Ryan Cox and Troy Morrissey, are incredibly talented audio engineers, producers, and musicians. They are also pure humanitarians and huge supporters of Scribble Me Silly. They’re in the process of recording a compilation cd showcasing some of Toronto’s finest talent and they are… Continue Reading

Honorary Team Members: Joanna Kellam

Joanna has contributed to SMS in many amazing ways, from her delicious cupcakes, to her wide-eyed glee, she never ceases to amaze us! Her child-like presence and effervescent personality have made a huge impact on the children at both our events. Joanna comes to our Day of Silly fully prepared to inspire, wearing her hand-made… Continue Reading

Honorary Team Members: Wesley Sommerville

Compassion. Generosity. Support. These are the words that I think of when I think of Wes. Whether it is strapping on an adult- size Care Bear suit in the middle of summer to make a child laugh, spreading the word and speaking highly about Scribble Me Silly to family and friends, or financially contributing to… Continue Reading

Honorary Team Members: Harry Carmichael

Scribble Me Silly would like to use this series of blogs to acknowledge our Honorary Team Members. These are individuals, outside of our board and team, who have made a significant contribution to our organization over the last year. We are so grateful for their support! It is so inspiring to me to see people… Continue Reading

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