You Can Be Anything!

The last day of the “You Can Be Anything” Program in November 2012 was a huge hit! More specifically: awesomeeeeeeee!!!

We had three amazing guests, actor Shannon Kook, Stunt man Chris Cordell  and Shah Noaman, jewellery designer and owner of 3 Shahs. The teens actively participated in making their own pieces of jewellery and even had the chance to make a special gift for their loved ones (making them smile from ear to ear).

These wonderful teens also had the opportunity to ask questions and learn  about what it takes to get into the acting world first hand . The teens were energetic, passionate and full of life. They sang, they laughed and got to be themselves and share their dreams which is what Scribble Me Silly is all about!

The lesson for the night was:  “do what you enjoy most in life, put a lot of love in it and you will accomplish all your goals”.

We truly feel that sentiment doesn’t go away beyond the teen years.