Our founders

board members in photo booth

Ryley Murray, Devon MacDonald, Isabel Rodriguez, and Ernie Morrison.

Scribble Me Silly was founded in 2009 by Isabel Rodriguez.

By pairing up children with artistic mentors and exposing them to various art forms, including dance, painting, sculpting, drumming circles, and visual art boards, Scribble Me Silly would provide space for children to be children, despite their circumstances, and leave them empowered with smiles on their faces.

“Having a personal background with the often devastating impact that violent family households can have, I am certain that exposing these children to the very fun-filled, energetic, and positive atmosphere created by the mentors and art program itself, will serve to promote new talents, develop self-esteem, and transform any frustration into creative outlet expressions, that, in turn, brings forth hope, confidence, and fun!”

– Isabel Rodriguez