Tasia Babool

TasiaBabooI got involved with SMS because i know that having the tools and skills to over come hardships are crucial for positive change. Growing up with a sister in single family household, the options were limited making the journey to move forward, often one that was  stressful and hard. Being a part of a team, therefore,  that has such passion to give back and develop impactful and wonderful projects for the community has been a a complete honour!
Personally,  I contribute to Scribble Me Silly through the art of Spoken Word,  helping women/ teens learn how to express themselves through poetry & writing.  I use videos of talented speakers as inspirations to write, and also explain the benefits and power of self expression through the use of journals. Allowing experiences and emotions to be written and visualized are key to all the exercises and it is very powerful! 🙂
SMS contributes to my life by allowing me to assist others and share the artistic tools that help (and have helped) me overcome difficult circumstances.