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The other day a friend of Scribble Me Silly’s friends posted this to her Facebook page. It touched us and so deeply that we’ve asked if we could use this on our own blog. We hope that this gives you a better understanding of why we do what we do and how important our work is. Thanks Becca Young for sharing so honestly and being the amazing soul that you are!

Facebook post

Man. Sometime getting perspective makes you feel good. Sometimes it makes you feel like a total bum. Bear with me as I share the moment that just happened. It isn’t sitting right, and I feel awful.

I planned a fun night for myself – making lasagna, listening to soul music, drinking Old Fashioned’s with my new bitters, checking out the meteor shower.

Such a night always kicks off with a big shopping trip – Whole Foods; Safeway… picking up some usual items (spinach! ground turkey!) and some new things (baking tray! maraschino cherries!). Suffice to say, I’m the girl with the hulking back pack and a heavy shopping bag in each hand.

As I’m leaving my final stop at Safeway, it’s the usual – an older man standing outside asks for change. And again, it’s the usual: I smile and apologize, and say sorry, but no; good luck tonight.

I’m unlocking my bike a few feet away when I see a young kid approach the same guy. He’s holding a few food items, and he pats the old man on the back to get his attention. “Here” he says, pretty quiet, handing the man the food. They clearly know each other. “Where’d you get these then?” the man says. “Some people over there.” the boy gestures down the street. “Not bad, not bad.” says the man.

This isn’t just a man on the street, it’s a father and son. And they more than deserve my help, I think. I’m about to pull out something to help them out. What happens next just kills me.

As the boy stands there, a mom and a young girl join him. They’re bundled in thick, old coats that don’t fit well. “Hey, we need help too, but I wanted to make sure you got something” the mom says, putting her arm around the boy. “I mean, I’m gonna make sure we get to somewhere warm, but Earl, I know you’re going to be out here all night.”

A homeless family was helping another homeless man, while I said no and stood there with a baking tray in my bike basket and a hundred dollars of groceries in my bag.

Of course, I went over, told them how moved I was by the moment, and gave them some cash, but to be clear – I’m the entitled little idiot in this story. We chatted for a couple of seconds, she asked me what I was going to bake, and I gave her a recipe for roasted nuts.

What an amazing mom. On the streets but not ashamed. Teaching her kids about the dignity of all people, and the value of compassion even in the toughest times.

I wish I could go back. Give them a stack of $20’s not $5’s and $1’s. Give them some of the groceries. Buy them whatever groceries they need. Invite them over to try those roasted nuts she seemed interested in. But I didn’t, and frankly I’m not sure if any gesture would make me feel like even half the person that mom was.

Life is tough y’all.