Sherry Rampersaud

SherryRampSherry is an amazing Life Coach extraordinaire. She’s resilient, refreshing and positive, and  leaves a lasting impression on every individual she meets. We are so proud to have her as one of our most dedicated SMS Volunteers.

How did you get involved with SMS?

I got in involved with SMS because I was honoured to be part of a cause that was so close to my heart. Having in grown up hard, in with a singe mom, I realized early on that we could have ended up anywhere.. SMS gives me the opportunity to give back to the community and empower people through coaching, goal setting, and positive reinforcement. I love children, I love people, I love staying positive and motivated, and especially love getting others to see their greatness – Reminding them of what is great about their lives right now.
Here are 3 things I do in my coaching sessions:

1.Motivate clients to stretch themselves
2.Encourage clients to be their best
3.Challenge clients to think bigger and realize their full potential

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