Shah Emily Noaman

Shah Emily Noaman2

What do you contribute to SMS?

As a jewellery designer I have the privilege of sharing my art with the youth and their mothers as a volunteer with Scribble Me Silly.  I am able to demonstrate that hobbies can turn into dreams…that come true. Then we get busy having fun and making different types of accessories.

How did you get involved with SMS?

I was enrolled in an educational leadership program and the founder of Scribble Me silly, Isabel Rodrigues, was my coach. We had a great connection and shared similar values in what we are set out to do in the world.  Today I am honored to call her one of my best friends.

How does SMS add to your life?

I have had the opportunity to learn how inspiring children are.  They wear their hearts on their sleeves.  They remind me of the important things in life, like connection, enjoying the moment and making the best out of your circumstance. Scribble Me Silly has provided me the gift of gratitude, life changing memories & friendship, mentorship and at times joyful tears.

Tell us briefly about yourself.

I am a lover of equality amongst humankind.  I believe my mission during my time on earth is to continuously grow on all levels and leave something behind…perhaps through my art or by giving back.  Culture, nature and the colours that surround us, are my muse for creating my 3SHAHS jewellery brand.

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