Second Ever Day of Silly!!!

On Saturday, October 16th, Scribble Me Silly was THRILLED to host its second ever *Day of Silly*, in partnership with the Scarborough YWCA. Again, it was a day filled with laughter, fun, creativity, love, and support. We experimented with new projects this time, including using vision boards to help the kids (and the moms!) envision the bright, positive, sunny future that is possible for each and every one of us. Drumming, dancing, sculpting, and painting kept everyone busy, and before we knew it, our little Scribblers were on their way home, art kits and cupcakes in hand. What a fantastic day! Thank you SO much to all our volunteers and Team Members, to the lovely ladies at the YWCA for being as accommodating as always, to all who donated both time and supplies, and to all the supporters of Scribble Me Silly; days like this wouldn`t be possible without you!

Check out the feed back from some of the participants, and be sure to have a look at the photo gallery to relive all the fun we had!


“I had no real understanding of what the afternoon events would involve, and the relationships that would be developed. The first child I “mentored” was an eight year old boy named Brent*. Shy and timid to begin with, but that soon changed as the afternoon progressed. But what struck me to the core was his trust in me, and as a result, openness about personal family conflict, which contrasts hugely with my violence free childhood. The second child (well, teenager) I mentored was Michael*, a fourteen year old Cuban Boy, recently moved to Toronto. One activity involved creating a vision board, whereby it transpired that Michael* wanted marriage, security, and to graduate high school; all things that so many of us take for granted. It really hits home when you have made a connection with someone; there is a name to the face, not just another unknown victim of violence. So thank you Scribble Me Silly for awakening me out of my slumber. ”

-Sholto Campbell, Scribble Me Silly volunteer and mentor

*Names have been changed to protect the privacy of our participants.


“The Scribble Me Silly (SMS) event on Saturday, October 16th exceeded my expectations in that it presented as a well organized, smoothly run event. Where it exceeded for me is that the mentors juggled 30+ children and made it look effortless. Children moved from one highly organized activity to the next and the hallways were filled with laughter and love. If there were any challenges or obstacles to overcome that day neither myself or the participants saw them. It was well organized, very creative and FUN!!!

The opportunity to work with the moms was truly a blessing. Not one mother did not want to participate in creating a vision/dream board for herself. The boards were filled with hope, dreams and amazing possibilities. Every woman created a future that was filled with great ideas, brilliant hopes and dreams for themselves and their families. I was humbled and honoured to be working with these women. It was a beautiful day and a lovely opportunity to share myself and my vision boards with such a great group of women.

I look forward to working with SMS again in the future and want to congratulate the SMS team on a job well done.

With love,


-Maureen Lynch, creator and facilitator of The Vision Board Project


*Check out the Photo Gallery for the Second Ever Day of Silly here!*