Hello fellow Scribblers! Well, as we promised, we have some big news about our latest SMS adventure! For the next 7 weeks we are working hand in hand with an INCREDIBLE center called Dr. Roz’s Healing Place. We came to Dr. Roz’s through one of the wonderful moms at one of our previous SMS Days of Silly, and after working out the perfect fit, we are happy to say that we will be spending two whole months bringing art, light, and creativity to a whole new group of children! HORRAY!!!

This past Monday we had our first Day of Silly at Dr. Roz’s, and it couldn’t have been a better time! Face painting, art, and a couple hilarious costumes made for some amazing smiles and laughs. The best part is that our little Scribblers are going to be famous! For the first two weeks of our time at Dr. Roz’s, we are having the kids paint, draw, and make art for the upcoming World Wildlife Fund’s CN Tower Climb. All the art will line the staircases to encourage participants to climb higher and higher and help raise money to support this amazing cause. We couldn’t be happier to be branching out, working with not one, but two great organizations. All of the people we are meeting along the way are helping us learn, grow, and become the best we can be, so that we may serve our cause.

If you would like more information on Dr. Roz’s Healing Place, please be sure to check out their website. And if you would like to join in on WWF’s CN Tower Climb to raise funds for critical conservation programs, please be sure to visit their site too!

And last but not least, take a peek at some of the art work from our First Day of Silly at Dr. Roz’s; we’ve got some major talent going on!

CN Tower Climb Painting