Moving Mountains!

It has been a very exciting 5 months for everyone involved with Scribble Me Silly! It finally seems as though our mountain is starting to budge and we are on our way to making a difference in this world! We have been so wrapped up with fundraisers, planning and coordinating that, well, we forgot to blog… Oops! The good news is that catching up is always a pleasure, so here we go!

We have been having so much fun with our fundraising efforts!!

On Sunday December 6th, 2009, we held our first fundraiser and it was an incredible success! Our space was donated by the amazing people of The Stone’s Lounge and we were pleased to welcome nearly 200 new and old friends to a night of pure fun and silliness. We were so grateful to have the vocal talents of Kyla Tingley, Paul Price & The Paul Price Band, Danielle Desjardins with Jeff Jones, Devon McDonald with Jeff Chew, Patricia Murray and Jeff Eager along with the artistic talents of our caricature artist, Rob and our magician, as well as a special dance performance by At Ease. Thanks to so many of our talented friends, we were able to sing, dance, paint and have an absolutely silly evening, not to mention we were able to raise nearly $2000 to help fund our upcoming event. It truly was an incredible evening!

On March 12, 2010, we were ever so excited for the invitation to attend and participate in the 5th Reggae Jam, hosted by Harry and Kelly Carmichael at the Underground. The night, as always, was an incredible success as everyone danced their hearts out. We were ever so grateful for the $400 donation given by the organizers of this bi-annual event.

Although we at Scribble Me Silly have been having a great time shaking our tail feathers at fundraising events, we have been hard at work laying the pillars for our charity organization. We are pleased to report that we are getting quite close to establishing our Non-Profit Organization with Charity Status.

It also brings us great pleasure to announce the date of the first Scribble Me Silly Day of Fun!!

On June 5, 2010, the members of Scribble Me Silly, along with 40 volunteers will come together to bring joy, laughter, and of course SILLINESS to 50 children who have witnessed or/and currently live in violent environments! We hope that this arts filled day will be an opportunity for these children to have fun and simply put, be a kid! The day will consist of face painting, a drum circle, painting and sculpting, free movement and dance, a magician and cupcakes! We have a feeling it might just be one of those days we’ll never forget and we hope the children won’t forget either!

We are also nearing the launch of our website:…. We are sooo very excited to unveil the site and will definitely keep you posted on it’s due date.

Until then we hope that you have a wonderful spring and we promise to be in touch very very soon!

All the best,

The Scribble Me Silly Team 🙂