Lucas Marchand

Lucas MarchandBriefly tell us about yourself.

I’m a professional a cappella singer originally from Victoria, BC. I sing tenor with the 3 time juno nominated group Cadence (, a vocal band where we use our voices to make all of the instrument sounds. Cadence tours extensively across North America, Europe, and Asia but we also perform regularly in schools in the Toronto area. When Cadence is not on the road I teach music lessons at the Regent Park School of music and private voice lessons at my own studio.

How did you get involved with SMS?

I first heard about SMS through Izzy when she and my wife were working together. My wife Jenny came in a volunteered first and told me how excellent the program was and so I jumped at the chance to come in andvolunteer my time when Izzy asked me.

What do you contribute to SMS?

I come in from time to time as a special guest and I share with the kids some of the work that I do. We learn to make instrument sounds with our voices, improvise using those sounds, and learn about music through games and activities.

How does SMS add to your life?

One of the biggest challenges for after school or evening programs is getting the kids there. SMS makes that easy by coming to where the kids are. This means that SMS gets all of the kids who might not normally make it to these programs. I’m always floored by what many of these kids can do with their voices when they are given some direction and are provided with a safe and supportive environment. I come from a family of teachers so SMS helps me connect with a part of my life that I don’t get from performing.