Little Diva Fashionistas

Scribble Me Silly is up to something new this time and that is a FUN and FANTASTIC workshop dedicated to little fashionistas!! Yippie!!!

During our last 8- week series at Dr.Roz’s Healing Place, we noticed that what came up during the Dream Board Exercise was that many of the girls had aspirations to work & be part of the fashion industry… And so, given that several of our team members have some background in the fashion world, we put two and two together, and Voila!LittleDivaFashionistas

Little Diva Fashionistas is a 2-day workshop to inspire new talents, educate, empower, and bring forth newfound creative confidence for the little designers at heart! We are literally making dreams come true!

Circumstance should never dictate a child’s future or self-esteem, and so, by introducing and providing opportunities for kids to explore their creative sides, we hope we are opening doors and expanding possibilities for kids who might otherwise spend their lifetimes creatively unfulfilled. No child (or yearning fashionista) ever should be made to feel bad about their circumstances or the way they dress and look. Our aim is to instill these young girls with a true sense of their inner beauty and allow them a fun way to express who they are, through simple skills that give them the ability to make the most with what they already have!! How exciting!! 🙂

Below are a few things that the workshop will include:

DAY 1: JUNE 18th, 2011.

  • They will get a simple pair of sandals that they will then glamorize & personalize in a creative way.
  • They will play The Clothes Game where they will get to select fashionable clothing items donated by you, and learn how to put looks together.
  • They will be taken to Toronto’s fashion district to learn about the design process (fabric selection, etc).
  • A professional from the industry, Laura Connell – fashion writer, who has covered events all over London, New York, and Toronto- will come and talk about airbrushing/photoshopping (models before & after), the ever prevalent phenomenon of eating disorders in the industry, the importance of positive role models, and the truths about the behind the scenes fashion world.
  • Fashionistas will also learn the Dos and Don’ts that we truly should have all learned as children! and have a mini- photoshoot.

DAY 2: JULY 9th, 2001.

  • This day will take place in a sewing studio downtown Toronto.
  • Each fashionista will bring a piece of clothing that they don’t like or wear anymore and will have an opportunity to redesign it as they choose! Fun!! The items will then be professionally sewn so they are ready to wear!! (I used to always do this to my Barbie’s clothes).
  • They will get a new plain tee-shirt and then paint it to their heart’s content! And do so in a neighbouring park.
  • They will get a tour of Kensington market where they will get an understanding of vintage clothing, the arts, and be exposed to the amazing creativity.

Stay Tuned! We will have updates to follow! I think I am truly the one most excited for this day to get my Craft On!! Haha! 😛

Thank you to all those who support Scribble Me Silly with your time, donations, generous support, and just plain good vibes. We are changing the world together!



*A special THANK YOU to Dr. Roz’s Healing Place for our amazing time there! We can’t wait to do it again! Check out their website here!

**And another THANK YOU in advance to Laura Connell for her involvement with Little Diva Fashionistas! Check out her blog; it’s an inspiration!