Little Diva Fashionista’s Day 1

On Saturday June 18th 2011, Day 1 of our Little Diva Fashionista’s workshop took place downtown Toronto. It was a fun, empowering, educational and inspiring day for both ourselves and our little Fashionista’s. We created, we chatted, we shopped til we dropped…with colorful Scribble Me Silly dollars of course and walked the fashion walk down Queen St.


As our 9 Fashionista’s arrived we dressed Ryley in/with Fashion Don’ts. She looked pretty hilarious. Over accessorized, socks with sandals, many different stripes and patterns, exposed bra straps and layers upon layers. Although we encourage individuality and their own sense of style, there are a few things that are absolute no, no’s in the fashion world. We asked our Fashionistas if they could spot them based on Ryley’s outfit . I was impressed at their answers and how fast they gave them. You can always count on children to tell you the truth. LOL! This was a very bright, creative and enthusiastic group of Diva’s.


We then had Laura Connell, a well established fashion writer, come in to talk about what really goes on in the process of making the models look flawless. She had the girls study ads in magazines and went over the many tricks they use to enhance the photo/Ad. For example; photoshop, airbrushing, fake eyelashes for a mascara ad, extensions for the voluminous hair ads and the list goes on. She touched on eating disorders in the industry and ended on a positive and encouraging note on the importance of positive role models using Crystal Renn as an example and her Autobiography HUNGRY! Very inspiring! A book every fashionista should read.


Quiz time! Each Diva started off with $25 SMS. In order to collect more $ to go shopping they had to answer a few questions based on what they had learned about the Fashion World. For each answer they got right they received $5 SMS. Amazing! Once the $ was collected it was time to go shopping. Probably the most exciting part of the day. Clothes, purses, jewelry and shoes were donated for the shop. Our little Diva’s couldn’t wait to show off their new purchases. They put together the cutest outfits. A couple Diva’s showed off they’re outfits and had a mini photo shoot. Too cute!


We then chose a pair of plain sandals and accessorized them with strips of fabric. Each fashionista had their own fancy & unique pair of sandals. Now it was time for our fashion walk. Some fashionistas put on their sandals and off we went…strutting our stuff in the fashion district on Queen st with an ice cream cone in hand. We visited a couple vintage stores, fabric stores and witnessed the preparation of the MMVA’s. Super exciting! Which brought us to the end of Day 1 of the Little Diva Fashionista’s Workshop.

-written by Julia Juhas