We believe all children should be afforded the opportunity to be fun and silly, to explore their dreams and imagination through creative and artistic expression.

We hope to establish an organization which will provide children from broken homes a day to the experience unhibited joy as they let their imagination roam with arts and crafts, music and stories. Many children are not able to afford art supplies, journals or instruments, and many more do not have the writing or reading support necessary to feel confident in expressing themselves in these forms of art. We hope to gather donations of art supplies, writing materials, books, and provide a place where children can interact with role models and artist who care about giving hope, inspiration and support to our youth.

What began as a small idea and blossomed into an elaborate plan comes to life on December 6th, 2009. Thanks to the efforts and assistance of many amazing people, Scribble Me Silly will be holding it’s inaugural holiday cheer fundraising event.

The purpose of the event is to establish a new organization which will help children enjoy their imagination and innocence away from the hardships of life in poverty. All children deserve the chance to experience the arts, especially the art of personal expression.

In February 2010, 25 children will be given the opportunity to experience a day with Toronto artists as they participate in fun activites. The program entails bringing artists and children together for a day of live music, face-painting, cupcakes, arts and crafts, and much more… Our goal is to bring light and hope and laughter through the vechicle of art and we are committed to nurturing creative talents in the silliest of ways! Because children should just be children, don’t you think?!!