Compassion. Generosity. Support. These are the words that I think of when I think of Wes. Whether it is strapping on an adult- size Care Bear suit in the middle of summer to make a child laugh, spreading the word and speaking highly about Scribble Me Silly to family and friends, or financially contributing to the development of our organization, Wesley has done it all.

Over the years, not only was Wesley someone who helped me develop personally into the driven and grounded woman that I am today, Wesley continues to be a great friend and source of support for the organization as we grow and take on new endeavors. This is another outstanding individual whose compassion for the children and desire to give back is truly heart-warming. Thank you for your many efforts, for your smiles and your jokes, and for your continuous reassurance. We are honoured to say that Wesley Sommerville is part of our Honorary Team!

-written by Isabel Rodriguez