Scribble Me Silly would like to use this series of blogs to acknowledge our Honorary Team Members. These are individuals, outside of our board and team, who have made a significant contribution to our organization over the last year. We are so grateful for their support!

It is so inspiring to me to see people who use their natural charisma and leadership to gather people and to be a source of contribution to the community. This is who Harry Carmichael is to me – an abundance of energy, a pillar of support, and someone who makes things happen. For the past year or so since we began Scribble Me Silly, Harry has personally organized several fundraising events, whereby he organizes a band, coordinates the venue, and gathers..oh about… hundreds of his closest friends to create a night of fun-loving jamming AND awareness through his contribution. Needless to say these events are always nights to remember, but aside from all the fun we personally have, what is truly most moving is the enthusiasm and passion with which Harry operates to raise money for our cause and have a successful event… Because he does not have to do this. He is inspired to do this. He turns an event that could very well be a lucrative one for him personally and chooses to so generously donate the funds to Scribble Me Silly and ultimately for children themselves. Amazing.

Thank you Harry for being a source of inspiration for US! And for being such an integral part of our fundraising team! Without your efforts, we would not have been able to put on the amazing Scribble Me Silly Children’s Day Events that we’ve had and to realize our visions/ goals as an organization. So we are thrilled and grateful to have someone like Harry as part of our honorary team. A powerful force to be reckoned with for sure!

-written by Isabel Rodriguez