Day of Silly Tomorrow!

In one day, i get to realize one of my dreams, and literally bring to life something that moves me very deeply..But first, i just wanted to extend a big big thank you to all of YOU, who have supported me in my cause, from Jeff with the website, to Carina with the logo, to ALL the musicians/artists; Harry with the parties, Adrian & Peter with the legalities, to all the inspiring leaders i share my life with (wink, wink, u know who u are), to all the fun-loving volunteers, to my team — the most AMAAAZZZZING team —who have each stepped up to be the bright lights i always saw them to be… Thank you. ♥ It is BECAUSE of you, that I get to be love, contribution, and a voice of empowerment… And so, tonight, i go to bed, very blessed and very grateful. 🙂